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    Què passa quan un hoste vol modificar la reserva?

    If your guest wants to change the details of their confirmed reservation (ex: shorten their trip or add nights), they’ll need to send you an alteration request. 

    Please don’t cancel or change reservations on behalf of guests. Instead, ask guests to follow these instructions for canceling or changing their reservation. They can also find a link to modify their reservation in their confirmation email.

    Responding to a change request

    To respond to a guest's request to change their reservation, open your message thread with the guest, then look for the request details and option to Respond to request at the top. If you agree to the changes, they'll be applied automatically and your guest will be charged or refunded if necessary.

    Things to know

    • There are no penalties for declining an alteration request
    • While there are no time limits for responding to an alteration request, you can avoid canceled reservations and miscommunications by responding quickly
    • Alteration requests can only be sent once a reservation is confirmed, and you can send or receive an alteration request any time before checkout—even if a guest has already checked in
    • Changes made to an existing reservation are subject to your listing’s cancellation policy

    If your hosting needs have changed, learn how to request a change to a guest's reservation or cancel as a host.

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