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Com es fa?

Com pots canviar les dades fiscals com a contribuent als Estats Units?

There are different ways of updating and changing US taxpayer information. 

When making changes, it’s important to be aware that Airbnb validates US taxpayer information with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

Updating basic taxpayer information

When you add a taxpayer, you can always update basic information, like their name and address:

  1. Log in to your Account and select Taxes
  2. Go to the Taxpayers section
  3. Click the > icon next to a taxpayer
  4. Click or tap Update tax info

      Changing a US tax form

      Once you add a taxpayer to an account, there are certain details you can't edit. For example: Tax ID numberBusiness entity name, and Tax classification.

        To change any of these details, you need to replace the tax form with a new one.

        Adding a new tax form:

        1. Log in to your Account and select and select Taxes
        2. Go to the Taxpayers section
        3. Click the > icon next to a taxpayer
        4. Click or tap on Remove Taxpayer
        5. Add, complete and submit the new form

        The new form will be be available in the Taxpayer section under Taxes.

        Assigning taxpayers to payout methods

        If you have multiple taxpayers, you need to assign each tax form to the correct payout method:

        1. Log in to your Account and select and go to the Payouts section
        2. Under each payout method, select  on the options menu
        3. Select Assign taxpayer and then select the appropriate tax info

        Tax reporting

        We use taxpayer information for year-end IRS tax information reporting. Pass-Through Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) and resolution payouts don't go through specific routing rules and are sent to your default payout method.

        Default taxpayer

        If you have more than one payout method but haven't added the different taxpayers to the correct payout methods, all payouts get allocated to a single default taxpayer. This is usually the first tax payer listed.

        Validating taxpayer information

        To avoid issuing inaccurate tax documents, Airbnb proactively validates taxpayer information with the IRS. If your taxpayer information is invalid per IRS records, you'll need to update or provide new taxpayer information as soon as possible. 

        The IRS may instruct Airbnb to apply tax withholding to your account until you provide the correct tax information. 

        Email notifications

        You will receive email notifications when we receive your taxpayer information and when it has been validated.

        Invalid status notification

        If Airbnb receives an invalid status notification from the IRS, you'll receive an email informing you of this. Please ensure that the taxpayer information you have provide to us is correct.

        Common errors

        Common reasons you may receive an invalid status when your taxpayer information has been checked are:

        • "Full name” doesn’t correspond to the tax identification number 
        • Name is abbreviated or doesn’t match the full legal name on record with the IRS
        • Incorrect tax identification number

        Learn more about common errors on Form W-9.

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