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    Com puc configurar i gestionar un equip d'amfitrions a Airbnb?

    You must be using professional hosting tools to create a team and have an account with 6 or more listings.

    Setting up a team

    1. Go to the Team tab
    2. Click Set up your team
    3. Confirm that you are the account owner
    4. Enter and confirm your information
    5. Add details about your team
    6. Agree to terms and click Create team

    Managing team members

    People with account owner or team management permissions can add or remove team members, as well as edit their permission sets.

    How to add a team member

    1. Go to the Team tab
    2. Click Invite
    3. Enter a team member’s email address
    4. Click Add
    5. Click Send invite

    The team member will receive an email inviting them to join your team. They’ll have 7 days to join before the invite expires. You can resend an invite if it expires.

    How to remove a team member

    When you remove a team member, they’ll still have an Airbnb account, but they won’t have access to the team account or its listings. This is a permanent step. If the team member needs to be join again, the account owner will have to resend the invitation.

    1. Go to the Team tab
    2. Click the team member’s name and an info panel will be shown
    3. Click Remove team member
    4. Confirm the action

    How to change permissions

    By checking a box in the permissions columns, you can turn on and off team member access to permissions within that permission set. Learn more about permissions.

    1. Go to the Team tab
    2. Find the team member and type of permission you want to change
    3. Click the checkbox to add or remove the permission set for that team member
    4. The change is saved automatically

    Deactivating your team

    If you want to remove the team, including all team members from the account owner’s account, you can deactivate your team. This is a permanent step. You’ll need to create a brand new team if you want to use the teams tool again.

    1. Go to the Team tab
    2. Click Settings under your team name
    3. Click Deactivate team

    Co-hosts and co-hosted listings

    If you’re a co-host of any listing, you won't be able to join or create a team. You'll first need to remove yourself from any listings you co-host before joining a team. Additionally, if you are a team member who wants to be a co-host, you'll first need to remove yourself from the team.

    If you’re currently the listing admin of a listing with co-hosts, you'll be able to create a team and add team members. After you become a team member or a team owner, you won’t be able to become a co-host until you deactivate your team.

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