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    All pricing information is included when you book a reservation using Airbnb. After paying, there are a few situations where you may owe more money.

    Know when to pay more

    You may owe more money if:

    • You change your reservation — for example, you need to add another guest.
    • Your host makes a claim on your security deposit.
    • Your host requires taxes to be paid at check-in—this needs to be clearly stated on the listing prior to booking.
    • You booked a type of place, usually a hotel, that charges additional fees. These charges must be detailed on the listing page, and shown in your price breakdown before you book.

    If a host asks you for more money than what you paid on the site and the extra charge wasn’t stated in the listing, in the price breakdown, or in the message thread, you can dispute the charges in the Resolution Center. Never pay a host directly for these charges.

    How to pay after booking the reservation

    Some additional fees will be collected at check-in, or within 48 hours of checkout—check the listing or price breakdown to find these details. You’ll be able to review these before you book.

    If you need to pay the host more money, use the Resolution Center on the site. You should keep all payment transactions on Airbnb because Airbnb can’t help with any issues related to off-site or cash payments.

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