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    Com funcionen els canvis i les cancel·lacions per a les reserves de llarga durada?

    If a reservation is for 28 nights or more, the long-term cancellation policy applies. If a guest changes or cancels a long-term reservation:

    • Their first payment might be non-refundable, depending on the listing and when the reservation is made.
    • If they cancel after the trip has started, the remaining nights in their reservation are non-refundable. If they have more than 30 nights left in their reservation, only the next 30 nights are non-refundable.
    • Their host can choose to give them an additional refund.

    For more details, check your confirmation email.

    Host approvals

    If a guest wants to change their reservation, their host may need to approve the change. Guests can follow these instructions to change their long-term reservation.

    The host will need to approve a change if:

    • It’s before the trip, but less than 30 days before the check-in date
    • The trip has started, but it’s less than 30 days before the checkout date
    • The guest is changing the check-in date, or extending the reservation

    The change will happen automatically if:

    • It's before the trip and the reservation is still 30 days or longer
    • The trip has started, but it’s 30 days or more before the checkout date
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