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Coffee Farm Cottage a les Muntanyes Blaves, Jamaica
Allotjament sencer: casa de camp · 5 hostes · 3 llits · 2 banys

Coffee Farm Cottage a les Muntanyes Blaves, JamaicaSituat en una finca de cafè a 3.500 peus sobre el nivell del mar, Tree Tops dóna a Kingston i a les muntanyes Blaves que l'envolten.

Garden apartment @ 10 Charlemont
Allotjament sencer: suite amb entrada independent · 2 hostes · 1 llit · 1 bany

Garden apartment @ 10 CharlemontWonderful location. Refurbished self-contained and spacious one bedroom garden apartment with kitchen/diner. Close to local shops, bars and restaurants, the famous Hope Botanical Gardens and the University of the West Indies and hospital.

⭐️Great Price Studio⭐️ flat screen tv + Yardspace!
Allotjament sencer: pis de lloguer · 2 hostes · 1 llit · 1 bany

⭐️Great Price Studio⭐️ flat screen tv + Yardspace!STUDIO CONTAINS: *Mounted Flat Screen tv *brand new kitchenette *two burner cooktop *mini fridge *access to very large yard space *microwave *kettle *queen size bed *modern style tiled bathroom *desk with lamp for study or work *hot water *free designated parking space

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The Butterfly Cottage at Blue Ridge
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Silver Hill Select

Les activitats més ben valorades a Silver Hill Gap

Unique activities hosted by local experts vetted for quality

  • Origen de xocolata i creació amb un fabricant
    Realment estic donant a conèixer el fons de la meva emissió de televisió per oferir-vos una càmera fotogràfica entre escena com es veu la xocolata que es pot fer a casa. És una guia pas a pas de tot el procés, des dels ingredients crus fins al producte deliciós acabat. Primer cap amunt veurem com anem d’arbre en bar, des de comprovar els plantons que empelten que es converteixen en arbres de cacau, fins a obrir una beina de cacau i mirar dins de la fruita mentre us mostrem com extreurem el preciós enganxós mongetes que processarem en broquetes que acabin convertint-se en xocolata. Demostrarem els misteris de la mongeta per embrutar la xocolata artesanal de la nostra original cuina de desenvolupament premiada (un dormitori convertit) que us mostrarem com crear les vostres pròpies barres a mesura que aprenem a manipular la xocolata temperada. Abocarem la xocolata fosa i la treballarem una vegada i una altra fins que estigui a la temperatura i consistència adequades per donar-vos l’enganxament i el poliment màgics d’una barra de xocolata acabada, i afegirem els vostres complements favorits abans de col·locar-la a la nevera i espereu a que es configurin. Durant aquest temps, ens convertirem en sommeliers de xocolata mentre us mostrem com triar els gustos, les consistències adequades que mostren la qualitat de les barres més importants abans de fer un mapa dels sabors i notes que escolliu de la xocolata casolana especial. Altres coses per tenir en compte A causa del fet que utilitzaré diverses càmeres, això serà millor veure-les en un ordinador perquè pugueu maximitzar les vistes i veure també els vostres companys experimentadors. Sobretot quan entrem al segment de tast.
    Des de Preu:€13 per persona
  • Discover Locals Favorite in Kingston.
    Events throughout the day will include: 1.) Indulge in authentic Jamaican breakfast at the Cafe Blue restaurant in the Sovereign Center (For all coffee lovers, you will be able to pick up Blue Mountain Coffee at this location). 2.) We then cross to the Emancipation Historical Park, which displays the only nude mural in all the Caribbean. Find out more about empowerment and the history of Jamaica. 3.) There is no way that a visit to Kingston is complete unless there is some interaction with the great reggae icon Bob Marley. Get up and close with Bob Marley's world renowned statue at the Celebrity park, just outside the National Stadium. 4.) We will visit the 7th largest natural harbor in the world, i.e. Kingston Harbor, where you can enjoy the picturesque views. 5.) We will conclude the day by having lunch at Usain Bolt's Tracks & Records sports bar. Here you will have the opportunity to buy Usain Bolt brand sporting goods, take pictures with its world records and buy Jamaican souvenirs. * If there are special requests, please let me know in advance so I can make the appropriate arrangements. Other things to note If you experience difficulty getting to or from Kingston, a pickup service may be arranged at an additional cost. Airport pickup is available. Contact your host for further information.
    Des de Preu:€56 per persona
  • Authentic Kingston Inner City Tour
    Our tour helps you to experience authentic daily life from a Jamaican point of view. Damion is your guide. He grew up in the ghetto and understands the local life, side streets and hidden gems. We meet at Historic Devon House (home of the first black millionaire) from there we take a Local authorized taxi. Our first stop is Liberty Hall where you will discover more about Marcus Garvey and why he is an important figure in shaping the country. Weaving through side streets we get a real feel for garrison (ghetto) life and then visit an inner city food co-op that is helping locals grow fresh produce and eat right. The Rastafarian "Ital is Vital" food philosophy is described and where many visitors choose to try the local fare. From here we take a local taxi, another great experience, to Trenchtown including the Cultural Yard. This is where Bob Marley lived and the birth place of Reggae Music. After you tour the site you can enjoy the Yard with local storytellers, who paint a picture of inner city life and the importance of music in the culture. An authentic experience you will never forget! Record studios can also be explored. Your guide will give you this option at the beginning of the tour. Other things to note Your guide will do everything to ensure you see and meet local people in a safe and secure manner! If you enjoy your tour PLEASE consider tipping the guide. This is his primary source of income!
    Des de Preu:€85 per persona
  • Cook Rasta food with a wellness author
    As a plant-based eater for over six years, I have personally experienced how amazing, healing, connective, and powerful indigenous Jamaican foods are .A tour will be done of the sustainable urban garden, to will mingle and gain knowledge on and gather the seasonal fresh, clean, organic produce needed for the meal. Then head to an authentic Rasta restaurant, meet the owner and head chef Ibby Lion where you will be taught how to make Ital appetizers, enjoy a meal and listen to the sweet sounds of reggae. I am excited to share this pure, natural, rustic eating culture with you Other things to note Bring your cameras and a smile. Wear comfortable walking shoes.
    Des de Preu:€49 per persona
  • Kingston NightLife Entertainment
    We would meet up at the famous and trendy Usain Bolt's Tracks and records Restaurant and Bar indulging in the delights offered on the particular night ,then taking our tour on the road to a high energy street type dance. Depending on the night of the week determines the event. Monday we visit the Uptown Mondays, Wednesday it is off to the Renown Stone Love Entertainment Weddy weddy Wednesdays, Sunday treat is Wet Sundayz. Thus offering a different experience to immerse in our a different dancehall fare. Other things to note Adequate cash to cover the night's entertainment. Comfortable footwear
    Des de Preu:€47 per persona

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