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“As the breeze moves through the open air Queenslander restaurant, vibrant, tropical drinks flow, a mouth-watering fusion of global culinary delights and local produce create a brilliantly varied menu. Floor staff, brimmed with passion and knowledge for their menus, create an enjoyable experience with professional flair.”
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Edifici residencial (Apartament / Condo)
“1. Cane Toad Racing The Iron Bar is renowned for the best cane toad races in the country! Totally unique and utterly hilarious, they have been racing cane toads for nearly 16 years now. Tickets to get in cost about $5 each and can be bought as you go in (show starts at 8pm) or purchased earlier in the day, which is the best option during peak times. There are usually 2 races - the first is a random draw of the entry tickets. If your number is called you are then assigned a toad. Runners include Fat Bastard, Gay Freddie, Pigeon Toad, Shagging Camel Toad, Aussie, Aussie, Aussie and all time favourite Jerry Springer. A quick kiss of the toad for luck and then the fun begins. As the toads are released encouragement is needed, so this is a great opportunity for the whole crowd to get involved with cheers and screams. For the second race the Toads are auctioned off. If you miss out in the first round, make sure you bid and buy one for the second round, and be prepared for lots of laughs”
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“Local favourite, easy walking distance & laid back atmosphere, good home delivery/take away pizza option”
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Beer Garden
“Centrally located, live music, bistro food, oldest pub in Port Douglas, TAB facilities”
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“You will never be disappointed when you dine here. Staff and food are both excellent.”
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“Modern Australian fare, from kangaroo to barramundi, in an airy, open-plan space with a lounge bar. Located in: Portico Shopping Centre Address: Portico 3, 53-61 Macrossan St, Port Douglas QLD 4877 Menu: Phone: (07) 4099 6860”
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“Fine Dining in a romantic alfresco atmosphere - very expensive but a unique experience”
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“These guys have a big reputation in Port for their food and coffee, open for breakfast and lunch, they also have good selection Vegi food.”
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“Australian wildlife experience, range of iconic Australian animals in their recreated natural environments”
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“Bookstore, meets gift shop, meets cafe. The perfect place to lose track of time”
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“For some memorable crepes, freshly squeezed juices, croissants and great coffee, all with the exciting possibility of spotting a crocodile as you eat your meal! Forgot to mention amazing views over the Daintree mountains.”
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Coffee Shop
“A place for the true coffee lover. Little bit pricier than most cafes and very limited food. Good for that heart starting shot of expresso. ”
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“The coffee and food here is delicious. Breakfast is amazing but they also do lunch as well. ”
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“Address: 39 Macrossan St, Port Douglas QLD 4877 Closes 3PM Phone: (07) 4099 5388”
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Forns de pa

“Famous Pies with some very exotic flavours - crocodile, kangaroo, etc. Great bread and croissants.”
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“Amazing service always with a smile, great baked items such as croissants and pies, also fruit salads and muesli with yogurt, etc.Only 2 minutes walk from Nomad. Open at 6:30 am.”
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