Best things to do in Haute-Garonne

“This is very nice garden in Toulouse, Very close to us, you can easily get there by 5 minutes walking.”
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Capitol Building
“The very centre of Toulouse. You can enter the Capitol building Monday-Tursday (usually). The weekends are closed for weddings. Make sure you check out the galleries. They are beautiful!! ”
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“Notre plage à nous les Toulousains avec ombre, jeux pour enfants et vue sur la Garonne. Idéal pendant les chaudes journées d'été.”
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Convention Center
“Beautiful garden with special Japanese gardens inside. A great place to have breakfast or lunch on a nice day! ”
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Museu d'Art
“The Contemporary art museum. Check what exibitions they have at the moment before going.”
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Theme Park
“Space adventure park in Toulouse. Very well enjoyed by older and younger members of the family. There's a Stellarium, Planetarium and iMAX cinema togehter with life-size models of the Ariane 5 rocket; Mir spacestation and Soyuz spacecraft. We all enjoyed the "weightless" experience and the countless interactive exhibitions. Go early to get a full day out of it - you'll need it! ”
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Museu d'Art
“Excellent Renaissance galley. This is one of my most favourite spots in the city. You must see it for yourself! Entry is 5 euros”
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“Toulouse most famous square! Go and visit the first floor of the Capitole and the beautiful salle des illustres.”
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Science Museum
“This is an excellent Natural History Museum with a range of interesting of exhibits, including a changing 'guest' expo in the basement. It is free on the first Sunday in the month. ”
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Farmers Market
“The ground level has the best stalls in Toulouse and above it there are small restaurant with dishes made from the market. Just get the dish of the day and a quart of red wine. Only for Lunch.”
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“Midi-Pyrénées is the region with the most UNESCO World Heritage Sites listed as main staging posts on St James's Way. Of the 76 monuments listed in France, 33 are in Midi-Pyrénées, on the Le Puy route, the Arles route and the Pyrenean Foothills route, all three of which pass through Midi-Pyrénées. What's more, in Midi-Pyrénées 6 sections of the route are listed as World Heritage Sites, all of them on the Le Puy route which enters the region in the Aubrac. Basilicas and little churches, bridges and symbolic features: UNESCO has taken into account the host of constituent parts and values expressed by these legendary pathways.”
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“Famous mountain-top Cathar castle besieged for nine months in 1243-44, leading to over 210 believers being burned as heretics.”
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Natural Feature
“Centre for walking, cycling, swimming and non-motorised watersports. Great for a day hiking, swimming and lying on the beach, relaxing after a long lunch at one of the lakeside bars/restaurants.”
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Natural Feature
“Water sports and sandy beaches on an inland lake, constructed as the main feed to the Canal Du Midi”
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Sporting Goods Shop
“Ce village commercial et piétonnier regroupe de grandes enseignes aux prix démarqués et des restaurants.”
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“Mon parc préféré, car la vue sur la Garonne est superbe avec en prime une buvette qui invite à la détente.”
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