Com moure's per Copenhaguen

Plaça de vianants
“The most famous shopping street in Copenhagen. You will find most shops you are looking for around this area. ”
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Bus Station
“This is the street with plenty of little indieshops with food, clothes and other things. There are e.g. a cactus shop, ice cream shop (where ice cream is made from nitrogen), caramell shop, bakers, ceramics shop and a lot of other indie shops. ”
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Bus Station
“Across from the lakes on Østerbrogade you'll find the best shopping in Østerbro”
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“The Nordic region's largest collection of antique art, world-class French art and Danish golden age art in a framework where the architecture and interior itself are unparalleled in Denmark, and overall, one of the most beautiful museum's I have ever seen.”
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Botiga de bicicletes
“non-profit bike rental company near the Central train station. Go here for a good price, and to support a good cause.”
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Bus Station
“Strøget is a pedestrian, car free shopping area in Copenhagen, Denmark. This popular tourist attraction in the centre of town is one of the longest pedestrian shopping streets in Europe.”
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“From there you can see The Little Mermaid, the opera, the parliament and lots of other stuff. If the weather’s nice, just go for the cheapest option, Netto Bådene, in Nyhavn.”
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Botiga de productes diversos
“Here is the closest Bus hub. Following buss i stopping here 3A, 5C and 350S. Closets connection to Nørreport which is the nearest Train and Metro station, connecting to the Airport and more or less every part of the country.”
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“Bus number 1A or 14 will take you to the city and also to the Copenhagen Main Train Station.”
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Bus Station
“The impressive “Den blå planet” (The Blue Planet). Northern Europes largest Aquarium.”
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Centre comercial
“Amagercenteret is very close to​ the apartment if you need something quick. Here you can find the essential stores for hardware, clothing, cosmetics, groceries etc. All along Amagerbrogade, you will find these things as well, but the mall is a great place to go if you need several things at once or if the weather is bad.”
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“If you are renting bikes. #1 - Take the "Bike snake" bridge to islands brygge and turn left to go past the harbour bath and further down the Olafur Eliasson bridge "Cirkelbroen" and then further on to "Papirøen" foodmarket for lunch.”
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Opera House
“The Danish national opera. A spectacular building 500 meters from my flat. ”
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“Is only a short walking distance from the apartment. Newest member of the park is the Chines Panda bears (2019). ”
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Bus Station
“The 'Champs a lycee' of Scandinavia...Tip: when you're there try a 'Flødebolle' (chocolate covered marshmallow) at Frederiksberg Chokolade...”
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Bus Station
“Our local swimming, sauna, spa/wellness and fitnesscenter. 50m from the apartment”
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