Best things to do in Bucarest

Capitol Building
“This is the second biggest building in the world, after The Pentagon. It's worth visiting it.”
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Romanian Restaurant
“A landmark in Bucharest landscape. Exquisite architecture, great music, atmosphere & Romanian traditional cuisine. A must go to place for every tourist who wants to enjoy the best of Bucharest lifestyle has to offer.”
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“Previously known as Herastrau Park, this is the biggest park in the north of the city. While you're there make sure you grab a drink at Beraria H (a huge restaurant).”
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“This area is always alive. If you come to Bucharest, you have to spend a night in the Old Town.”
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“English designed and arguably the most beautiful park in the city. Local tip: If it’s summer you can get a boat out on the little lake for about 15 lei for 1 hour and enjoy a romantic paddle.”
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“One of the best clubs in town, and a bit less mainstream for those looking for an alternative to the Old Town. Fills up quickly on the weekends, so get yourself there early. Tuesdays drinks are half price.”
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Sala de concerts
“The symbolic edifice of the national culture, the Romanian Athenaeum, built in the heart of Bucharest 120 years ago (1886-1888), became the architectural and spiritual exponent not only of a city, of a capital, but of a nation. Here the great Romanian personalities and scholars have lectured here, all the consecrated and young professional artists of the country, here are many world-class bands and soloists, here "masterpieces of the native musical literature" , here were the first extensive exhibitions, retrospective painting and sculpture of the masters of the national plastic art, there were kings and queens, politicians and outstanding guests from abroad to participate in events of national and universal importance in - a word, at the Romanian Athenaeum, there were moments of historical magnitude that were inscribed in the golden book of our people.”
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“The National Museum of Art of Romania is the country’s prime holder of Romanian, European and Oriental art. Located in the former Royal Palace in Bucharest, it includes the National Gallery (Romanian medieval and modern art) and the European Art Gallery. Apart from numerous temporary exhibitions, visitors can also join guided tours of the former Throne Hall and other spaces of historical relevance.”
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“It exhibits old traditional Romanian houses from the villages. It is great if you want to know more about the Romanian folklore and traditions”
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History Museum
“The Grigore Antipa National Museum of Natural History is a Natural History museum, located in Bucharest, Romania. It was originally established as the National Museum of Natural History on 3 November 1834. It was renamed in 1933 after Grigore Antipa, who administered the museum for 51 years.”
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“ The Romanian Peasant Museum is part of the European family of Museums of Popular Art and Traditions. It is a national museum, under the Ministry of Culture’s patronage. In possession of an especially rich collection of objects, hosted in a Neo-Romanian style historical monument-building, our Museum developed a highly original museography honored in 1996 by receiving the EMYA – European Museum of the Year Award. The originality of the exhibiting style is continued in the Museum’s publications, in actions such as the Missionary Museum, the Village School, concerts, conferences and exhibition openings.”
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“Garden with chilled out vibe, bars, and hammocks. A great place to go and drink cocktails till the early morning. Only open in the summer between May and September. Do not miss! ”
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Centre comercial
“One of the most popular malls in Bucharest. Also features a gym, IMAX 3D movie theater, ice skating even in the summer. Great food court. Adventure and games for kids. ”
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Pub gastronòmic
“Gastropub offering a great selection of seasonal food and smoothies. Don’t miss the big plate of potato wedges, enough for 2 stomachs, and only 20 lei!”
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“The Romanian National History Museum continues to be one of the representative institutions of Romanian culture, holding a very valuable fund of mobile heritage assets illustrating all the significant periods in the past of the Romanian people and the civilizations that existed in the past territory of our country. The rich heritage includes over 650,000 pieces (a number that increases annually and among which are remarkable objects), organized in the following collections: ceramics, lapidarium-tegularium, numismatics, philately, medal-sigilography, thesaurus, manuscripts, prints, decorative, historical photobook, stamps, maps, metal, weapons and equipment, textiles and furniture.”
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