Best things to do in Bandung

“A must see for nature and photography lover. They have easy hiking trails that children can enjoy as well. Bring your sports attire to enjoy the scenery while getting a good workout!”
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Centre comercial
“You can not miss this mall. One of the most famous mall in Bandung. Your favorite brand is waiting in here ! Great food also.”
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Botiga de roba
“it has everything for a family, tourist to traveller food, bargain branded cloth to reflexology too”
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Espai d'arts escèniques
“Historical performance for understanding traditional instrumental's Bandung.”
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“Complete shopping mall (shopping, supermarket, cafe, restaurant, bar, and cinema).”
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Shopping Plaza
“One of the best mall in Bandung ! Open space concept, and many great food and things for our lovely guests !”
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“Miss Bee Providore is a restaurant suitable for family recreation. It is famous for its tasty foods and instagrammable environment”
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Theme Park
“Trans Studio Bandung is an integrated tourism area in Bandung , Indonesia , precisely in the area of Trans Studio Supermall . Trans Studio is built on an area of 4.2 hectares with an investment of Rp2 trillion, making it the largest and most comprehensive entertainment district in Bandung. [1] The rides that are offered adventure and new sensations are no less challenging as its predecessor Trans Studio Makassar opened in 2008. Trans Studio Bandung was opened to the public on June 18, 2011.”
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“This is the most famous street for sightseeing, because this is like an old city from Bandung, where the building is still from the age of colonisation of the Netherlands. Many art-deco styled building and bars at night.”
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“Buildings with typical European architecture are combined with the nuances of traditional archipelago architecture”
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Galeria d'art
“we love to sit there reading book enjoying view , while eating and zip our coffee. The traffic is more friendly to go up to north rather than downtown on weekend”
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Galeria d'art
“Great Food, Amazing Art and ambience. Enjoy your day in this amazing place !”
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“A national geological museum with samples of rocks & skeletons found in Indonesia”
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Lloc especialitzat en fideus asiàtics
“The noddle in here is delicious, serve with a choice of meat ball and siomay. Should try the Banana is so good...and the best are they are consider cheap and also they have a stunning view..”
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“Learn a bit of history. Bandung was the capital city of all Asian-African countries back in the days”
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“Kebun Binatang Bandung yang berlokasi dekat dengan ITB mungkin bukan pilihan utama bagi wisatawan Jakarta karena di Jakarta pun terdapat kebun binatang, namun apabila Anda memiliki anak kecil tidak ada salahnya mencoba berkunjung ke Kebun Binatang Bandung karena biasanya anak-anak sangat suka melihat hewan. Selain berfungsi sebagai tempat wisata di Bandung, kebun binatang ini juga berfungsi sebagai tempat menambah pengetahuan tentang hewan.”
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