Best things to do in Nur-Sultan

Centre comercial
“Khan Shatyr is a new symbol of the capital of Kazakhstan. Khan Shatyr shopping and entertainment center is the first live-center in Astana, which unites shopping and world-class entertainment under one roof. Designed by the famous British architect Lord Norman Foster Khan Shatyr is the largest tent-shaped structure in the world, and one of the largest shopping centers in Kazakhstan, and has a unique appearance.”
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Monument / lloc d'interès
“"Bayterek" with its compositional structure expresses cosmogonic representations of ancient nomads, according to the legends of which the World River flows at the junction of worlds. On its shore rises the Tree of Life - Baiterek (poplar, pillar, protector), the roots holding the ground, and the crown propping the sky. The roots of this tree are in the underworld, the tree itself, its trunk - on the earth, and the crown - in the heavenly. Every year in the tree crown, the sacred bird Samruk lays an egg - the sun swallowed by the dragon Aidahar, living at the foot of the tree of life, which symbolically means the change of summer and winter, day and night, the struggle between Good and Evil.”
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Restaurant italià
“Это первый и пока единственный торговый центр на Левом Берегу, где представлены мировые бренды Max Mara, Valentino, Etro, Ralpf Lauren и другие”
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“he main theme of EXPO-2017 is “Energy of the Future”. It reflects the preoccupation of the international community with the problem of energy consumption, which is having an increasing impact on our planet. The main objective of the exhibition is to call for responsibility, to foster a discussion and to develop knowledge enabling people to plan and control energy consumption on our planet and to minimize damage to the environment. It is expected that 2 million tourists will visit the exhibition, and the total number of visits will be about 5 million. It is planned that 85% of the total number of visitors will be citizens of Kazakhstan, and 15% - foreign nationals, most of which will come”
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History Museum
“Very cool and technological museum. Hall of ancient and medieval history Hall of History Hall of Ethnography Hall of Independent Kazakhstan Hall of Astana Hall of gold Hall of Modern Art”
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Opera House
“«Астана Опера» является весьма крупным сооружением, расположившимся на территории около 9 га, с внутренним пространством почти в 64 000 кв.м. Проект принадлежит совместному труду казахстанских, российских, швейцарских и итальянских архитекторов. Театр конкурирует со зданиями зарубежных оперных театров, таких как Ла Скала, Королевский театр и Метрополитен-опера по внутреннему и внешнему убранству и оснащению.”
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Centre comercial
“Located on the street Kabanbay-Batyr, near the pavilion EXPO-2017. Area MEGA Silk Way - 140 thousand square meters. The ratio of commercial space to the total is 62 percent, of which 32 percent are occupied by educational, sports, entertainment, social projects.”
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“The Capital Park is recognized as the best open amusement park in the CIS in 2017”
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Monument / lloc d'interès
“Монумент Байтерек - является главной достопримечательностью нашей столицы, куда обязательно должен сходить и насладиться каждый. ”
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Centre comercial
“There a lots of restaurants with different cuisines, including asian, kazakh, uzbek, seafood, fast food, european. There are bars (Pinta), coffee shops (Starbucks, Coffeeboom) and store. ”
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Galeria d'art
“Набережная реки ИшимRiver Ishim Embankment Парк влюблённыхPark of Lovers, Коргалжынский природный заповедникKorgalzhyn State Nature Reserve.”
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“A Mosque Hazret Sultan is opened for tourist to show traditions of Muslims​ people of Kazakhstan. ”
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“Музей, в котором Вы сможете поближе ознакомиться с культурой и историей казахского народа”
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“This 24-hour cafe features the cuisine of several people living in Kazakhstan. Eyes flee from abundance. The local menu reflects the tastes of the local population. At lunchtime you can see a lot of people coming here on a permanent basis. A cheap option will get acquainted with the local traditional modern food. Nearby, to the left of this cafe, is the cafe of Oriental cuisine Dastarkhan. Order Guyru Lagman and Manty. You'll like it)”
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Hair Care
“Mr.Nice is the place created for men by men. Here you will get reacquainted with the best traditions of the old fashioned, classic barbershops, become a member of the private men's club along with all connoisseurs.”
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