Navega cap endavant per accedir als resultats suggerits

    Com puc configurar un preu per als caps de setmana o períodes de vacances?

    If you have a base price, you can use weekend pricing to change your nightly price for every Friday night and Saturday night. Weekend pricing does not work if you have Smart Pricing turned on. In that case, Smart Pricing prices will override any price you add in Weekend pricing.

    Set weekend pricing

    To change your nightly price for Fridays and Saturdays:

    1. Go to Manage Listings on
    2. Select the listing you want to edit
    3. Select Pricing
    4. Under Extra charges and currency, look for Weekend pricing and enter your nightly price

    There are a few things to know about weekend pricing:

    • You can remove weekend pricing at any time simply by un-checking the box. If you turn weekend pricing off, prices on Friday and Saturday nights revert to your base price.
    • Pending and accepted reservations are not affected by pricing changes, since your guest has already submitted their payment information.
    • Weekend pricing does not work if you have Smart Pricing turned on. To override the Smart Pricing price for any night, change the price directly in your calendar.

    Custom pricing

    Any custom weekly and monthly prices you set after turning on weekend pricing will not be overridden. However, if you turn on weekend pricing after setting custom prices, weekend pricing will replace all Friday and Saturday nightly prices on your calendar.

    Find out how to set a savvy price strategy to boost your bookings in the Resource Center.

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