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Afegeix el NIF-IVA

If you have a Value Added Tax (VAT) ID number registered with the European Commission, or with an authority outside the European Union (EU), you may want to add it to your Airbnb account.

Learn more about VAT and how it applies to you. As a Host, you might want to consider updating your pricing when your VAT ID is available for use.

Within the EU

You can add your VAT ID number whether you’re a Host operating as a business or a guest paying with an employer’s payment method.

When your VAT ID number is successfully verified by the European Commission through the VAT Information Exchange System (VIES), you won’t be charged VAT on our service fees. It will be your responsibility to self-assess whether you need to pay VAT for the use of our services.

Outside the EU

The VAT ID number may be known under a different name based on your place of registration:

  • Australia - ABN, ACN
  • Belarus - УНП
  • Canary Islands - IGIC
  • Colombia - VAT
  • Iceland - VSK/VASK
  • Indonesia – NPWP
  • Japan - JCT
  • New Zealand - GST
  • Norway - VAT
  • Saudi Arabia - TRN
  • Serbia - PIB
  • Singapore - GST / UEN / NRIC
  • South Korea - BRN
  • Switzerland - VAT
  • Taiwan - VAT
  • Thailand – TIN
  • Turkey - VAT
  • United Arab Emirates - TRN

As within the EU, it will be your responsibility to self-assess whether you need to pay VAT for the use of our services, and you want to consider updating your pricing.

In Switzerland, Japan, and Indonesia, the presence of a VAT ID will not exempt you from VAT charges applied to service fees based on local law.

Per afegir el NIF-IVA

  1. Ves a Compte > Impostos.
  2. Fes clic a Afegeix el NIF-IVA.
  3. Introdueix les dades de verificació del teu NIF-IVA.
  4. Fes clic a Afegeix.

Get help verifying your EU VAT ID number

If your VAT ID number isn’t successfully verified by the European Commission, you may want to try re-entering it. Airbnb isn’t able to associate a VAT ID number with your account without this verification, and we can’t troubleshoot problems. For a list of correct formats for VAT ID numbers by member state and additional information, please see the European Commission's VIES FAQ.

If your VAT ID number can’t be verified and you determine you need to self-assess VAT on our service fees, we encourage you to consult a tax advisor for assistance.

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