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Com puc donar accés temporal a algú per fer reserves a Airbnb mitjançant el mètode de pagament de la meva empresa?

As an Airbnb for Work admin, you can give travelers outside of your company, such as interview candidates or contractors, temporary access to book a work stay on Airbnb and charge it to your company.

This access will only allow travelers to book stays using a company payment method that you specify. It will not provide them with access to the company dashboard. However, any reservation booked by a traveler with temporary access will be included in your company dashboard and in your reporting.

Grant temporary booking access

  1. Follow the steps to create a new team
  2. Once you’ve created a team, click Add People
  3. Select Give temporary access to company payment methods
  4. Set a preferred total price and suggested date range to help indicate when the people you invite can book their stay
    • You’ll be notified if their bookings exceed the total price you specify
    • They'll be able to book trips outside of your suggested booking date range
    • They'll have access to make their booking starting the date they receive the email until the end of the booking date range
    • They won’t have access to the team’s temporary payment method after the date range ends
  5. Enter the email addresses of any travelers you’d like to add with temporary booking access (their email address domains don’t need to match your company’s associated email domains)
  6. Click Add People
  7. If any emails cannot be added, a notification will be displayed
  8. If you agree to the additional terms and conditions, click Confirm and invite
  9. An email will be sent to the travelers, notifying them that they’ve been granted temporary booking access

Edit price and booking range guidelines

  1. Click a traveler within the team that has temporary booking access
  2. Click Edit Access
  3. Change the price and booking range guidelines
  4. Click Update criteria

Revoke temporary booking access

  1. Click a traveler within the team that has temporary booking access (only travelers who have accepted your company’s invitation will be displayed)
  2. Click Revoke Access
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