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    Com puc retirar una sol·licitud de modificació?

    Guests and hosts can send an alteration request if they’d like to make changes to a confirmed reservation. If you no longer want to request changes, you can withdraw the alteration request and keep the confirmed reservation.

    To withdraw an alteration request:

    1. Find your reservation on Trips
    2. Click Review request
    3. Click Cancel

    Here are a few more things to know about alteration requests:

    • If the alteration request is accepted, changes to the confirmed reservation will be reflected immediately
    • If the alteration request is declined, the reservation will stay the same as before it was sent
    • Alteration requests can only be sent once a reservation is confirmed
    • You can send or receive an alteration request before or after check-in and before checkout
    • While there are no time limits for responding to an alteration request, responding soon is the best way to avoid a canceled reservation or miscommunication with your host or guest
    • There are no penalties for declining an alteration request
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