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    Com puc afegir o eliminar hostes de l'itinerari?

    You can add or remove guests from your reservation prior to checking in, but you can’t change the guest count once your reservation has started.

    Depending on the host’s pricing, changing the number of guests may change the total cost of your reservation. The original total and new total will show once you change the number of guests.

    Adding or removing guests

    To add or remove guests on your trip itinerary:

    1. Go to Trips and find the trip you want to change under the Upcoming tab.
    2. Click or tap Show more trip plans.
    3. From the overview, click or tap Show details.
    4. Under Who’s coming, click or tap Manage guests.
    5. To change the number of guests, click or tap Next under Change reservation.
    6. Add or remove guests, then click or tap Continue.
    7. Review your guest count change and the price difference, then select Send request. Once the host agrees to the changes, they’ll be applied automatically.
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