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    Com puc canviar les opcions de sincronització dels meus anuncis connectats?

    If you prefer to manage listing details directly on Airbnb, you can change your sync settings to Pricing and Availability Sync. If you want to manage all of your listing details in your software, you can change your sync settings to Everything Sync.

    1. Log in to your Airbnb account
    2. Go to Listings
    3. For each of the listings you’d like to edit, select the check box next to the listing name
    4. Click or tap Edit selected
    5. Choose Sync settings
    6. Select Only Pricing and Availability or Everything and click or tap Save

    Once you change your settings to Pricing and Availability, the listing details, including content and booking settings, must be managed on Airbnb. Pricing and availability must still be managed in your API-connected software.

    If you change your sync settings to Everything, your listing details and photos from your connected software will replace any content created on Airbnb, and all listing information will now be managed in your connected software.

    All Airbnb Plus and Luxe listings are set to Pricing and Availability Sync and cannot be changed. For all other listings, you can change this setting any time.

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