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    Com apareixerà al mapa la ubicació del meu anunci?

    Guests with confirmed reservations can see your listing’s exact location and address. You can choose how your listing’s location is shown to potential guests by selecting one of these options:

    • General location: We’ll show the general area of your listing to guests searching for a place to stay, but not its exact location. Guests can see your listing’s neighborhood and how close it is to landmarks, transportation stops, and other points of interest. After their reservation is confirmed, we’ll show them your exact location and address.
    • Specific location: We’ll show a more specific location of your listing to guests searching for a place to stay. Guests will see a small circular pin that shows the location of your listing with great accuracy, but not the exact point. We’ll still show your exact location and address to guests with confirmed reservations.

    No matter which option you choose, you can always use your message thread to talk to guests about your listing’s location and answer any questions they may have. You can also change this setting at any time, for any listing. Learn how to edit your address and map location.

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