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    Com sol·licito un fapiao a Airbnb Xina?

    Currently, Airbnb China does not provide a fapiao for guests. A fapiao is only available for the "service fee" for hosts and experience hosts.

    Requesting a fapiao for a host or experience host

    If you are a host or an experience host, you can request an Airbnb service fee fapiao (we do not charge guests and experiencers in mainland China a service fee, only hosts and experience hosts).

    Please make sure the reservation is confirmed, then contact us. We’ll ask for:

    • Your reservation code (booking number)
    • The email address linked to your Airbnb account (optional)
    • The type of fapaio that you’re requesting (you can request a general VAT fapiao for individuals or companies, or a VAT-specific fapiao for companies)

    To find your reservation code

    1. In the Airbnb app, tap Profile, then find Trips, and choose a trip
    2. Next to the Help section, you’ll find your reservation code

    To find your email address

    To find the email address associated with your Airbnb account, you’ll need to log in to your account on a desktop computer or browser (not using the Airbnb app):

    1. Go to Edit profile
    2. Scroll to the Email address section to find the email address that's associated with your account

    Application processing time

    Fapiao requests from hosts and experience hosts for completed trips will be processed by Airbnb China during the first week of each month. After processing your fapiao during the first week, it will take approximately three weeks for your fapiao to arrive by mail to the postal address you provided.

    How guests can obtain a fapiao

    If guests need a fapiao for their room, cleaning fees, and other fees, they should consult and negotiate with the host before booking. If the host declines to issue an invoice after a booking has been confirmed, guests can contact the business or tax authority in the locale of the listing. This is only available for guests who have Homes or Experiences bookings located within mainland China.

    Obtaining a fapiao from a local tax office

    You should bring your identity card, property ownership certificate, a printed booking invoice from the Airbnb website, and all other documents required by your local institution to the subdistrict office or tax authority of the locale of your home.

    Regional requirements may vary, and we encourage you to confirm the fapiao requirements by calling your subdistrict office or tax authority before going to the fapiao-issued office. According to the regulations of the relevant subdistrict office or tax authority jurisdictions, it is clearly defined that a fapiao can only be issued within their jurisdictions. You can inform us of the exact location of your property by phone so that your fapiao can be processed accurately.

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