Navega cap endavant per accedir als resultats suggerits

    Com puc afegir prestacions d'accessibilitat al meu anunci?

    Guests with accessibility needs can search for listings based on their individual requirements. Adding these features to your listing helps guests know what to expect upon arrival, and ensures a positive experience for everyone. 

    Note: You can only add accessibility features after your listing has been published. Additionally, if your sync settings are set to “Unlimited”, you will not be able to add accessibility features.

    How it works

    Make sure to review Airbnb’s tips for taking good accessibility photos before adding accessibility features. Then, follow these steps:

    1. Log in to your account on a desktop computer (not a mobile browser), click on your profile photo, and select Manage listings > Listing in the top menu.
    2. Select the listing you’d like to edit.
    3. Under the Listing details of the selected listing, scroll down to find Accessibility and click Edit.
    4. Accessibility features are organized by room, so add the features you have in each room. You'll be prompted to add at least one photo for every feature.

    When you’re done, your new photos will appear in your listing’s Accessibility features section.

    Learn more about how to make your home more accessible.

    Learn how taking high-quality photos of your space’s accessibility features can impact search results in the Resource Center.

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