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    Com puc buscar un allotjament quan viatjo per motius de feina?

    When you search for a place, choose the Work trip toggle and you'll get homes and boutique hotels that meet specific criteria.

    Work-friendly homes and boutique hotels that have:

    • At least one business review
    • A high business review rating from guests (4.8+)
    • A high overall review rating (4.7+)
    • An indication from the host that there is a smoke alarm and a carbon monoxide alarm

    Airbnb Plus places to stay (in available markets) that have:

    • Spaces verified for quality and design
    • Amenities preferred by business travelers, like wifi

    Listings that meet the criteria within the last 2 years will show.

    You can further narrow your search to only include entire places (or private rooms) by using the Home type filter in addition to the Work trip toggle.

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