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    Com puc compartir la informació del viatge amb altres hostes?

    To share Airbnb trip plans with the people traveling with you, invite them to be co-travelers. Confirmed co-travelers have access to the trip itinerary from their Airbnb account. Itineraries include details like the address and contact information for your hosts.

    To add a co-traveler:

      1. From a browser, go to Trips
      2. Click the trip you want to share
      3. Click the person with a plus sign icon, or, if you have co-travelers on the trip already, the image of co-traveler photos/initials
      4. Add a co-traveler by sharing the provided link or by emailing them an invite

      Shared links expire after 1 week. If you want to share your itinerary with people who don’t have an Airbnb account, or people not going on your trip, you can forward your confirmation and itinerary details through email.

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